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what is our name? February 28, 2010

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Just wanted make my first posting regarding what I think to be an important step: what is the name for this project?

Naming something gives it reality and makes conversation easier. By giving this intentional living project a name, we cement the idea more in our minds. We also sidestep the problem of calling it “the commune” or “the homestead” which is much less specific and personal. I know that Pickle Jar or similiar sounding derivatives have been tossed about but I am personally against this idea. 1) its not fair/means nothing to others who would join the community and 2) already has associations with our apartment.

Even if we didn’t want to come up with a permanent name right now, a temporary one is useful. Like Project: First Blood.

Think about it.



Let’s throw down our thoughts, Lovelies!

Manifest Love Beauty Think Together Dream New Reality Share Evolve Live Really Ridiculously Well Together Vision.   Yes.

so, lovelies, let’s use this to throw down our daily thoughts about community, and build a dialog over time. This blog should serve as a group journal of sorts. Put down your thoughts, inspiration, ideas, and over time we’ll  shape this thing we call life.  🙂

So, let’s each become admins to this blog and then everyone can post thoughts and tag them by category, so the posts can then be sorted anytime by subject! These can be well articulated, or just quickly jotted down. More is better! Include links, pics etc.  We can comment on posts to have a conversation and also have conversations by making new posts that link to previous ones.  (This post is tagged with all the categories so far, just so they show up)

Let’s also build some pages to put down central ideas as they emerge. These can also be edited by all over time.

I love you all, and am so excited to start talking with you this way.

loooooooove  lily