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what is our name? February 28, 2010

Filed under: Question: Needs Input,Vision — indorfpf @ 2:58 am

Just wanted make my first posting regarding what I think to be an important step: what is the name for this project?

Naming something gives it reality and makes conversation easier. By giving this intentional living project a name, we cement the idea more in our minds. We also sidestep the problem of calling it “the commune” or “the homestead” which is much less specific and personal. I know that Pickle Jar or similiar sounding derivatives have been tossed about but I am personally against this idea. 1) its not fair/means nothing to others who would join the community and 2) already has associations with our apartment.

Even if we didn’t want to come up with a permanent name right now, a temporary one is useful. Like Project: First Blood.

Think about it.



3 Responses to “what is our name?”

  1. picklejay Says:

    I agree with everything you just said.

    And I even like –Project: First Blood — because it holds within it the fact that the name is temporary. Open to other names too =)



  2. indorfpf Says:

    I know that similiar problems were brought up in real estate law back in my lawyering days. Not all estates had names registered with the government, but during court proceedings a name is extremely useful. In these cases the court would assign some arbitrary name. The classic example would be the name [insert color]Acre. Nameless estates would be referenced as GreenAcre or BlackAcre for the sake of the proceedings and recycled as names for later cases. BlackAcre sounds absolutely badass to me. Of course we could always put an Ilyse-type spin on it and call it RainbowAcre. Plus, this would show our support of SanFran, for which we all have a shared history.



    • iimagy Says:

      Ha. Ha ha. We could also combine the two, and call it Rainbow Blood. ‘Cause that would be a cool thing to have.

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