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Initiation Policies March 1, 2010

Filed under: Decision Making,Social Structure — indorfpf @ 11:41 pm

Looking down the line, one initiation policy that might be important to have requires there be a halfway-like home in our community. People who want to buy into BlackAcre would stay in this halfway home for six months or so. This induction period would allow BlackAcre members enough time to evaluate the person prior to voting them in. It would also allow the candidate the opportunity to see whether BlackAcre is the right fit for them. There should be some form of “rent”… I instinctively imagine volunteer hours onsite doing chores/gardening.

Is there a need for a constitution?



3 Responses to “Initiation Policies”

  1. picklejay Says:

    I think that a kind of work-trade or rent situation is a good idea for BlueAcres to engage with potential members.

    I saw work-trade work very well for Emerald Earth. Some people used work trade like Woofing, and some used it as a serious trial run for membership. Some “woofers” even became “trial members” beacuse they loved it so much, and some trial-ers moved on after a few months. This model requires either enough land for people to camp out comfortably for extended periods, or enough extra built-structure rooms to house them.

    (BlackAcre sounds badass said out loud, but kind of scary written down. I want my acres to be green, not black. …But GreenAcres sounds like a scary old folks home…)

  2. iimagy Says:

    Agreed. It could be cool to encourage folks to stay for brief stints, especially if we envision our home as a sort of demonstration of awesome living. And we can also learn from them, e.g. if some awesome carpenter or digeridoo (sp?) maker comes through, they could teach us these skills.

    Test driving is always a sensible thing too.

  3. claralaurence Says:

    In a related question, what about simply inviting people to these initial idea stages? Does anyone have any thoughts about what sort of system we should have for inviting people to be part of this blog? Should we all know someone? How serious is blog participation? only invite potential founder types or what?

    Also, just a thought on a slight alteration to the trial membership idea, I think I would prefer to have folks all begin as guests/ volunteers and that after a guest period we could choose whether to offer an individual a trial run. Basically, I would like to be able to welcome people without inviting them to be trial members.

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