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Social habits March 1, 2010

Filed under: Question: Needs Input,Social Structure,Spiritual,Vision — indorfpf @ 11:08 pm

An idea that hit me this past weekend is that the purpose of Project: First Trimester is less about making a commune and more about creating a place for our commune to go. What I mean by this is that the seeds for an intentional community are already here. There is no reason to wait for the place we hope to inhabit in the future to manifest itself. We can start instituting those policies we want our commune to have today.

I bring this up so that ideas can be shared about those primarily group social habits that we might want to start practicing. Granted, from a personal standpoint, it is hard for me to come up with concrete examples. Obvious habits that stem from living together are already in place – cleaning up after oneself, chore schedules, open communication, etc. Other non-basic habits that I approve and promote are in their infantile stages: weekly sharing of meals, house book club, musical instrumentation, gardening, dinner massives.

So what social events or policies exist in your ideal intentional community? Is it possible to instill these now? Please share!



4 Responses to “Social habits”

  1. claralaurence Says:

    I’m certain that I will have more thoughts on this later but the first one that springs to mind is a group project time – A particular afternoon or what have you when folks might get together and work on whatever art or craft or sound, etc is in the works.
    Additionally, I think that having some elegant method of asking to be undisturbed (a hat of invisibility, an area that is for being alone like a retreat cottage, something like that)

  2. claralaurence Says:

    ohh! is anyone interested in a community meditation time? some sort of loose, drop in time for gathering and sitting?

  3. indorfpf Says:

    Clara! Genius! The first thing that popped in my mind after your comments was a picture of Quaker type folks helping each other build houses. Let’s SO do that! It kind of ties in with your group project time… social activity, helping our neighbors, spreading knowledge about certain pasttime, etc.

    Also down with a community meditation time. This is also nice because it is something that can be implemented in our lives now.

  4. iimagy Says:

    Well well put, Phil. In a way, the folks in the Pickle Jar are living in that Commune right now. Let’s envision: what is our ideal life in that space? Are we living it already? What are the structures that could make it better?

    RIght now, it seems like our lives are necessarily less intertwined than they would be on a farm and/or remote peice of land, simply because our basic needs are met through our own means. If we were all working together to take care of the animals, plant, harvest, build HOUSES, well, we would need to think a lot more about how our lives/actions affected one another.

    What I think that means right now, is that we can take all of the enormous amounts of free time we MUST have from NOT having to do all of those things, and put it towards our spiritual/creative/emotional development.

    For me personally, it seems like time is one thing I don’t have, but I honestly don’t know where it goes. Maybe we can use our living situation to create time and space which feels valuable and sacred. Sort of along the lines of the fact that I generally don’t watch T.V. alone, but it seems like a perfectly natural, enjoyable, COMMUNAL experience when I do it with my loved ones. Weird, huh? It’s sort of like it doesn’t matter what we’re doing as long as we do it together. So I am all for craft time/meditation time/music time/dance time/be time! It seems like it happens accidentally all the time. How happy are those moments when we all end up in the same space at the same time? Pretty happy. I wonder if some of the happy comes from the spontaneity and serendipity, and if we would lose some of the spark by planning these things. Perhaps it would seem like a chore or a meeting. But maybe that’s where the commune mentality comes in: if we are living together outside of the outside world, our time is ours. We don’t have to be checking our clocks to arbitrarily measure our lives against. We would be doing what we want/need to be doing all the time, and be together by default. City living means you just have to plan things, in a weird way. You’re not getting up at the crack of dawn to milk the cows, but you’re doing lot sof other stupid, fun things.

    Anyway, all of that rambling is to say that our home is sacred, no matter what and when it is, so let’s treat it (and the time we spend together) as such. We can start infusing intentionality into it as we see fit.

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