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A Beautiful Detail for a Common House March 2, 2010

Filed under: Architecture,Social Structure — lily @ 1:20 am

I LOVE This TABLE. This is simply a long common table that people can sit comfortably either cross legged like Samuel is doing, or with feet flat on the ground.  (I just like this way better than chairs.)

This beautiful detail also touches on the fact that I like the idea of a common house a lot.  I envision a common house with a large kitchen and space for group dinners. This would be great furniture in a common house!

I’ll post more later about what else I would love to see a common house be.  What do you think a common house could be?




3 Responses to “A Beautiful Detail for a Common House”

  1. indorfpf Says:

    I like this table… its aesthetic is simple, the contrasting woods are pleasing to the eye, the angle of the edge/joinery is neat, and its portable.

    It looks easy enough that we could make it ourselves!

    I support the idea of a table low enough that chairs are not necessary. It would be uncomfortable at first. Once we get used to it though 1) we lessen our reliance on chairs… cutting out the unnecessary is cool! & 2) we double our functionality… not only are we using the table, but we are also stretching!

    We could have a pool of pillows!

    Portability is key to an adaptable activity room. I envision the common house being a large kitchen with a big attached rec room. The room could mainstay as a place to take our meals yet still be used for large-gathering purposes if the tables could be moved as needed.


  2. picklejay Says:

    Sweet. Yeah, the beauty of the table design is that it allows people to sit both ways! It’s hard to tell in the picture, but the table is normal height off the floor, so you can swing your legs down to touch the floor beneath it too.

    Pool of pillows still equals yes though.

    Also, I think I want multiple rooms in the common house, ie: a library, a computer room (wireless might not go everywhere, and my computer does not like tents), a costume room (because, well, we need that. yes!), etc.

  3. claralaurence Says:

    I think that the table that will accommodate either regular or cool kid sitting is lovely. Although retaining flexibility is nice floor sitting is not appropriate to all activities and guests (older folks in particular might not be floor happy). Personally, I love seating that is cross-leg friendly and am very pleased that others have similar inclinations.
    I am a big fan of a multi room house – I would love to see a library!! oh yes a library! and perhaps a meditation room. In someways it mihgt be nice detached from the main house but there is also the wonderfulness of having household/ living noises during practice. maybe a living room with squishy things to sit on… like a pool of pillows. and a guest room or two for visitors who are not suited to yurts and such. and maybe an entertainment room for movies and the like?
    huge kitchen is key and I will make the delicious to put in it.

    I certainly see the appeal of an anything room that can change gears at a moments notice but also am a but fan of establishing spaces to have certain known uses. so perhaps a bit of each would be nice. significant flexibility but also multiple rooms with general purposes.

    also. please. a library. with armchairs and books and fire and oh yes. yes.

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