Wouldn't it be cool to live love life together?

dream and discuss the___(allogamy)______idea here

*Editor’s note: Please Add Your Thoughts to the Pages March 2, 2010

Filed under: Question: Needs Input,Vision — lily @ 6:06 am

This post is spurred in response to Clara’s excellent questions about what this blog is for.  So, lovelies, take note that there are two categories of content-adding available here: there are posts, and there are pages.

If you go to Edit under Pages (on the left also) then you can add your thoughts to these as well, and they can be more like documents that grow, as opposed to the more conversational posts.  I have made two pages so far: “community vision”, and “what is this blog for?”.   Check out what Phil and I have added so far, and put down your thoughts.

I am going to think a little more on my perspective on how we invite a wider circle of participants… who, how, and to what purpose.



p.s.  also note that the blog title, currently “wouldn’t it be fun to live love life together” is mutable and should be played with. find it under “Settings, General”


2 Responses to “*Editor’s note: Please Add Your Thoughts to the Pages”

  1. claralaurence Says:

    oy! pretty lady: how does one add a document? I have an idea fermenting the the cabeza for another document type discussion.

  2. ylilily Says:

    easy peasy, go to the left column on the dashboard, click on Pages and you’ll see “edit” and “add new”. When you add a new one it will show up onsite on the top as part of the blue bar.


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