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Friends that Buzz, friends that cluck, friends that… make weird goaty noises… March 2, 2010

Filed under: Garden — serif @ 5:59 am

I have heard a huge range of animals discussed and was hoping we could gather these ideas and specific interests relating to them. See what we actually have sufficient interest in to begin looking into the specifics of.

For example, I would be very interested in having goats and chickens for food type purposes and would be willing to help in their care though I would probably prefer not to be a lead person. In particular I am interested in dairy goats and learning to make cheese! I also want to have bees and would likely be interested in taking a more central role in their care. god I love bees.

Also, if we decide to have a greenhouse quail (for eggs and pest control and potentially meat too) seem like a nice option. I would like to learn about caring for quail.


5 Responses to “Friends that Buzz, friends that cluck, friends that… make weird goaty noises…”

  1. picklejay Says:

    i completely support the idea of many animals, but at this moment don’t envision myself as a point person on animal care. I definitely like the idea of chickens/and or quail for eggs/greenhouse and goats for milk.

    You may find a bee buddy in Phil, who is taking a class on beekeeping later this month!

  2. claralaurence Says:

    buzz buzz buzz bees are the best!

  3. iimagy Says:

    Animals are also great for another reason:


    Lots of manure (and many different types!) will mean that we have lots of nitrogen for our pile, and then lots of green growing things!!!!!

    If we don’t have our own animals, we may even need to find poop from other sources for the compost. So it definitely makes sense to at least have some!

  4. indorfpf Says:

    The idea of having animals for me is both enticing and intimidating. I’ve never really had a pet that I had to take care of myself, so it is hard for me to imagine what kind of care goes into it. However, if the animals serve some function I want with a relatively low maintenance cost I am more than for it. Bees – honey, comb for food, wax for candles. Chickens – eggs, meat. Goat – lawnmower, milk. Ducks – meat, eggs, pest control. Do these animals need vet shots? Do these small animals need store bought feed? Is their poop a maintenance problem or can we leave it where it lays? Hay/straw/barn? I guess these are questions that have to be researched!

    P.S. Not so into the idea of cows/horses/large animals because they are not as self-sufficient.


  5. claralaurence Says:

    Excellent Chickening Link:

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