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Houses are expensive! March 2, 2010

Filed under: Architecture — indorfpf @ 1:55 am

… and are time consuming to plan/organize, gather materials for, and build. Even if we all migrate to developed land (which, funnily enough, is supposed to be cheaper in the long run than getting raw land), there may not be enough building space for all the initial members. I have seen yurts used before and they are pretty neat. Environmentally friendly (no digging foundations necessary, made of simple materials), relatively cheap (to the tune of around 5k), and easy to build (basic one can be built within a week). Could be used as temporary housing until personal housing unit is built and then recycled as either extra unattached personal space (think office or meditation room) or donated for communal use (think halfway-house, spa enclosure, or guest room). For those of you out there, it also seems pretty easy to artsify.



3 Responses to “Houses are expensive!”

  1. indorfpf Says:

    picklejay, you used to build mud(?) houses right? What is the deal with those?

    • ylilily Says:

      mud houses are awesome!! i assume you’re asking about finance (in line with the post title) so here’s what I think: in general, in building houses you can have two of these three qualities:


      So, you can build fast and good, but pay $$$
      you can build fast and cheap, but get poop quality

      you can build good and cheap if you have lots of time…this is the home-grown cob option. Can be really good, and very cash cheap, but labor intense. Patience required. =)

  2. keleself Says:

    So, I was looking through some old Ready Made mags and found some photos of houses that use big recycled stuff as the base, i.e. large shipping crates (think on the back of big rigs) or train cars. These could be an option for cost effective, not sure how much those cost but worth looking into.

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