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Two words: ART BARN March 2, 2010

Filed under: Art — serif @ 5:50 am

It would be amazing to have dedicated space for art and crafts and noises. space for throwing paint or using a lathe or throwing bowls on a wheel. Music too needs a home though a nice dry one for the sake of the instruments.

What kinds of arts should we have space for? dedicated facilities or simply studio rooms and storage spaces? Thoughts?


2 Responses to “Two words: ART BARN”

  1. iimagy Says:

    YES. I envision having MULTIPLE art spaces, so we could have one for traditional visual arts like painting, ceramics, what have you, one for music, and several crazy spaces for play structure installations a la Fabshire/City Museum/Parque Guell.

    I have many thoughts on this subject, and may even turn it into its own page/elaborate in my community vision…

  2. ylilily Says:

    i second multiple spaces! and it can be as easy as a large piece of deck placed outside in a good spot (this is what my mother paints large pieces on) or as well made as a ceramics studio with running water, kiln, etc

    parque Guell = yes.

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