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Learn from those who came before us. March 10, 2010

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We are lucky to be in a time when intentional living communities are sprouting all over the place! A lot of thought will need to go into a project such as BlackAcre and I personally think that there is alot to learn from our predecessors that will make our jobs, and lives, easier.

Lily and I just recently watched the documentary Commune (available on Netflix) which spoke of the Black Bear Ranch in California. It is about 7 hours north of San Francisco and would cost about $5 per visitor per day to stay there.

There are also online indexes of intentional living communities such as the FIC. (Fellowship of Intentional Communities, “Intentional Communities in California”“Search: San Francisco”). The neat thing about the previous index is that it lists some local living communities that can be visited in a mere weekend! The 1080: Urban Living intentional community is on 9th and Harrison!

My point is two-fold: 1) We can learn much about intentional living by reading books, watching movies, and most importantly visiting intentional communities close by and abroad. These ideas do not have to be adapted into BlackAcre. However, exposing ourselves to the work done by established communities broadens our perspective on what can and can not be done (and how). 2) If on your sojourn through the vast web of previous human experience you come upon useful books or websites, please share!

Oh and… Does anyone want to go with me on a stroll to a genuine San Franciscan commune?

  • Creating a Life Together: Practical Tools to Grow Ecovillages and Intentional Communities, written by Diana Leafe Christian. <Book Preview>





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