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Bees R Awesome. March 21, 2010

Filed under: Food,Garden — lily @ 6:29 pm

I thought I only kind of liked bees, but as it turns out BEES ARE AWESOME. And so is the bee keeping club of San Mateo. Here is a link you must follow, read this Bee Link for Laughs (short, maybe 7 lines), and wait for the punchline!  It was so great of them to host this free beginner class and damn the turnout was impressive. So many hobbyists.  Soooo…remember that time when we went to that awesome bee class and then went to the beach together??? Yeah, that was yesterday.  🙂

So, I was impressed by the ease and simplicity of the top bar box design. Here are some links for us to remember and use.


BeeSource – I linked staight to their section on “alternative hives” which includes several different people’s take on top bar.

Ruby this is a cool lady with lots ‘o info on bees

Also, you can get a package of 3lbs (10,000 bees!!!) in the mail!! regular USPS!! Crazy.


One Response to “Bees R Awesome.”

  1. claralaurence Says:

    buzz buzz buzz. love bees.

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