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Road Trip 2k10 April 5, 2010

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Going on a road trip within the next three weeks to visit farms/ecovillages in NoCal. If anyone wants to come, let me know when you’re available (my unemployment leaves me quite flexible for scheduling). Don’t really plan on going to much farther north than Sebastopol. If there are any suggestions for places to check please also let me know. I haven’t really decided how long it’ll be as I want to cater somewhat to anyone who might want to come but in general I envisage a weekend jaunt. My truck can fit two others. Bring camping gear. Following are the list of places contacted and a copy of the email sent.

Green Gulch

Living Mandala

Emerald Earth

Golden Nectar

Occidental Arts and Ecology Center

Green Valley Village

Hello! My name is Philip. I’m currently living in San Francisco and am in a part of my life where I am researching the intentional community lifestyle to see what my forebears have created to see if I can adopt some of these activities into my own life. In furthering this particular quest of mine, I came across your website and was hoping that I could come visit! I would be driving there in my truck and sleeping either in that or nestled on some nice patch of grass. In exchange for you letting me park there I would not mind at all helping out with whatever project is going on that day. My purpose is to stay there a day or two and imbibe as much information and feeling as possible. If this is something that you would not mind happening please send me a reply! Any suggestions on best times to come are appreciated! Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy the great weather today! Philip Indorf


One Response to “Road Trip 2k10”

  1. claralaurence Says:

    Phil! I am SO in if you have space for me! and am equally unemployed this month so name your day! Way to get things moving!

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