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“FARMS: Food, Art, Relationships, & Food — Sustainably!” May 17, 2010

I stumbled upon this website today called Farmer Jane that spotlights women making changes in the food system. The one they are featuring this week is Molly Rockamann, who at 28 is in charge of EarthDance farms in Missouri: “The mission of EarthDance is to grow and inspire locals FARMS–Food, Art, Relationships, & Food–Sustainably!”

Here’s a snippet of the article/interview that speaks to one my particular agendas:

“…I have dreams of our farm (and other farms) being not only a center of food production but also of art and music production. We’ve started to show our artistic side in small ways, like doing a community mural painting to install on the farm, and hosting a small outdoor concert there. Eventually I’d like to create an artist-in-residence and musician-in-residence program, where in exchange for living on the farm (and eating our veggies) they’d host free workshops for the youth in the neighborhood and contribute a lasting piece of art to the farmscape. I’d also love to re-construct an old barn on the property and use the space to host concerts, workshops, and barn dances! Once we’ve really built a solid foundation for the organization in Ferguson, where we’re currently farming and running an apprenticeship program, I want to help start organic farming training centers/cultural celebration centers in other parts of the world.”



Extension office May 8, 2010

Contacting your local extension office can lead to lots of information specific to the ecosystems in your county. Also- for those who wish to learn about gardening they have links and info concerning the master gardener program. Following is a link for the San Francisco County Extension Office:


On a completely different note, I have been touring different properties in the Shenandoah mountain area (a subset of the Appalachians). Criteria have included walking access to water (such as lakes or rivers), being an hour or less driving distance from my current location, and roughly one acreage of property. For future reference, a 3 bedroom two story house can be purchased for 70 grand and plain lots on the smaller side for as little as 5 thousand!

Wells seem like an interesting concept that I haven’t though to much about however, they typically require permission from the local health department.