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Hosting in community August 30, 2010

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So in my vision of a landholding, placemaking community there is alwYs some outward facing element. I haven’t quite narrowed down my vision on it yet, and I think that’s good because I want to do it in dialogue with community members. But it’s there in my mind. By outward facing I mean some integral element of inviting others to join us on a temp basis, be it the general public, school classes, workshop goers, many options. But I am ready to live boldly in the wYs I truly see fit, without having too many good examples of people that blend modern technological world with physical life system world. And I think that in so doing, others will want to participate, see, learn, at least work-trade. I suppose I do wantto live an example life in a certain sense, although I just told Ilyse like yesterday that I do NOT want that, haha. I Guess it’s that I don’t wantto proseletize ( sp??) but I do wan to create the opportunity in our community to be part of a wider community of likemimded people, and encourage those looking for better life patterns to follow our lead. I’m assuming here that we are freaking awesome and smart which we are. I mean, What if we made commune friends with another commune and then could vacation swap to new Zealand or new Mexico or Belize. Share knowledge. I can’t easily go back And edit on this tiny screen, so bear with my riffing here, lovelies. Thanks.


So going forward… August 25, 2010

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It’s super late as I type this so please forgive me if I sound a bit curt! Anywho, RainbowAcre is one of my longer term goals in life. Unlike my other long term goals, I have little idea on how to prepare for this. I lack direction in what to do to achieve this goal. Jumping in headfirst and living on an IC seems like the most logical step but to be honest I have not assessed as to whether that is a realistic option for my current life situation. A part of me wants to browse available acreage around the country to get an idea of property costs but I am unsure how to quantify my search. So I thought… why not read a book? (too tired to successfully make a comedic reference to Reading Rainbow). I know that the Creating A Life Together has been floating around, but I was wondering if

1) anyone had some other IC type book recommendations and

2) if they wanted to tag team that sucker. Maybe discuss what parts are relevant to our proposed situation.

Let me know because I just got paid and Amazon.com is quite the alluring mistress! Must. Buy. Books.



Phil’s News Report August 12, 2010

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-Purple martins as free pets (do they eat bees?!?!):

-Cheap temp housing that doesn’t sound like yurt (note Ms. Caren Wise near end):

-Note to self: just remembered that at Emerald Earth they got internet access by connecting computers to cell phones and accessing the phone network…. look into this.


Thinking of You August 11, 2010

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I am thinking of this group. I am thinking of these ideas. I am thinking and dreaming about a big home. This dream I can feel, this dream I know I want.  This dream is growing and I am happy to let it grow at its pace right now. I’m so glad to have this blog.  What cool humans we will be when we create in reality what we are talking about here. Steps are being made and laid every day. I am walking toward this.  I don’t really have big content for this post. I just like this blog format to be able to say “hey, im here, im thinking about group land and building homes with good people and nice chickens.”  Love, papa