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Thinking of You August 11, 2010

Filed under: Random Stream of Consciousness Post,Vision — lily @ 7:59 am

I am thinking of this group. I am thinking of these ideas. I am thinking and dreaming about a big home. This dream I can feel, this dream I know I want.  This dream is growing and I am happy to let it grow at its pace right now. I’m so glad to have this blog.  What cool humans we will be when we create in reality what we are talking about here. Steps are being made and laid every day. I am walking toward this.  I don’t really have big content for this post. I just like this blog format to be able to say “hey, im here, im thinking about group land and building homes with good people and nice chickens.”  Love, papa


One Response to “Thinking of You”

  1. Daddy Says:

    I’m going to go ahead and give you this mental hug as a down payment for the HUGE face to face hug you’re so gonna get next time I see you.

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