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Phil’s News Report August 12, 2010

Filed under: Animals,Architecture — indorfpf @ 5:36 pm

-Purple martins as free pets (do they eat bees?!?!):

-Cheap temp housing that doesn’t sound like yurt (note Ms. Caren Wise near end):

-Note to self: just remembered that at Emerald Earth they got internet access by connecting computers to cell phones and accessing the phone network…. look into this.


2 Responses to “Phil’s News Report”

  1. lily Says:

    Purple martians! Yes

  2. Ilyse Says:


    “On another front, California, facing growing homelessness, adopted a law in 2008 requiring cities and towns to make land available for homeless encampments. ” Is that true? Does something like Golden Gate Park qualify? I had a long chat today with someone at Growing Home today about homelessness, the city’s shelters, and how everyone has the right to fresh, unprocessed food. She brought up that a lot of the city’s Women’s Shelters are being shut down (for seemingly no reason), and as a result, many women are being forced out onto the sidewalk, and there are virtually no shelters available for women to live with their children. This forces the children into a separate system, and let’s face it, one that can more often than not prove to be permanently detrimental to their well-being. It almost makes you reconsider the notion of slums in developing nations, and that even though that is obviously a horrible way to live by most standards, it is people supplying their own shelter (lower case “s”) with whatever they can come by, which is something that zoning laws in American cities don’t allow for, which in turn forces people to become wards of the system, essentially. A system that often is not operating for their own best interest. Anyway, homeless encampments sounds like a pretty revolutionary idea. What is the definition of a home, after all? If you are living in a HabiHut with your family and even have access to some green space, does that not give you more freedom than depending on a Shelter, or even living in an SRO with hundred other little rooms, where you essentially can never come out to see the light of day?

    Sorry for the incoherent rant. I am excited about Portable Housing for a lot of reasons, but I guess that tangent just got carried away… Thinking about the basics, food, water, air, shelter, and how everyone, EVERYONE deserves them, and the freedom to access them for themselves. Cities provide a lot of things, but they also alienate us from providing for ourselves directly in a lot of ways. It is amazing to think about how much we think is necessary when we can really live, and not just live, but THRIVE on so little. In a lot of ways, it is our human relationships that can prove to be so vital for our happiness, and I think that social services and Shelters in the city should really try to foster those in a meaningful way.

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