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So going forward… August 25, 2010

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It’s super late as I type this so please forgive me if I sound a bit curt! Anywho, RainbowAcre is one of my longer term goals in life. Unlike my other long term goals, I have little idea on how to prepare for this. I lack direction in what to do to achieve this goal. Jumping in headfirst and living on an IC seems like the most logical step but to be honest I have not assessed as to whether that is a realistic option for my current life situation. A part of me wants to browse available acreage around the country to get an idea of property costs but I am unsure how to quantify my search. So I thought… why not read a book? (too tired to successfully make a comedic reference to Reading Rainbow). I know that the Creating A Life Together has been floating around, but I was wondering if

1) anyone had some other IC type book recommendations and

2) if they wanted to tag team that sucker. Maybe discuss what parts are relevant to our proposed situation.

Let me know because I just got paid and Amazon.com is quite the alluring mistress! Must. Buy. Books.



6 Responses to “So going forward…”

  1. Ilyse Says:

    Do you mean like Creating A Life Together as a book club book? I think that book does cover a lot of our concerns on the subject, so maybe we just need to read it critically and analytically like the liberal-arts-school-education-having people we are. I think that book never actually belonged to us, so maybe you should get one from Mistress Amazon and we can get an actual copy, too. And then! Maybe as a group we can try to make a loose outline of eventual steps in the process of making RainbowAcre a reality.

    Book Club!!

  2. lily Says:

    I agree, a more thorough group discussion of that book would bring up lots of relevant subjects for us to examine and air out ideas and possibilities together. Yes let’s go chapter by chapter and discuss, liberal arts style! Where *is* thT copy we have? Yes it does actually belong to Michelle and I don’t think we’ve given it back to her …. should we buy another?

  3. claralaurence Says:

    wait, are we gonna do this for serious? Tell me more! I wanna play! remind me of the title/ author?

  4. daddy Says:

    clara – the book is titled creating a life together. the author is the chief editor of that IC magazine… an earlier blog post has a very short review of the book and should have the lady’s name.

    i’m going to order “CALT” when i get home this afternoon. a brief research run on my part didn’t really reveal any alternative books that are as pragmatic to our situation.

    i think it would be fun if we book club this! i always daydream about rainbowacre and having something to read and focus my energies on (CALT) should go a long way to ease any frustrations there may be at how far away that dream seems.

  5. lily Says:

    i bought one for the pickle jar! (am assuming michelle’s copy has gone the way of single socks in the laundry….who knows where they go?)

    • Ilyse Says:

      (Lily, I thought I told you my magical story of lost socks returned…they get thrown away at the end of the night at the Laundromat!!)

      Thanks for buying the book! Cook club commenceth!

      (Also, the site has stopped emailing me when new posts come up, which it was doing well for a couple of posts. Anyone know how to fix this?)

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