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Hosting in community August 30, 2010

This is an iPhone post.

So in my vision of a landholding, placemaking community there is alwYs some outward facing element. I haven’t quite narrowed down my vision on it yet, and I think that’s good because I want to do it in dialogue with community members. But it’s there in my mind. By outward facing I mean some integral element of inviting others to join us on a temp basis, be it the general public, school classes, workshop goers, many options. But I am ready to live boldly in the wYs I truly see fit, without having too many good examples of people that blend modern technological world with physical life system world. And I think that in so doing, others will want to participate, see, learn, at least work-trade. I suppose I do wantto live an example life in a certain sense, although I just told Ilyse like yesterday that I do NOT want that, haha. I Guess it’s that I don’t wantto proseletize ( sp??) but I do wan to create the opportunity in our community to be part of a wider community of likemimded people, and encourage those looking for better life patterns to follow our lead. I’m assuming here that we are freaking awesome and smart which we are. I mean, What if we made commune friends with another commune and then could vacation swap to new Zealand or new Mexico or Belize. Share knowledge. I can’t easily go back And edit on this tiny screen, so bear with my riffing here, lovelies. Thanks.


10 Responses to “Hosting in community”

  1. claralaurence Says:

    I agree with the sentiment of constant change, new blood, sharing, etc as the token crazy hermit I feel the need to also point out that closed spaces are really special too. retreat spaces. communities that perhaps let in new people but…. not too easily? Not just on a lark? I am trying to imagine my ideal of this. Where there is freshness and sharing but without dillution…. I guess I like a retreat style home. I mean, it is really cool that emerald earth (as an example) has people come for a weekend and go on a tour of all of the community spaces but… maybe I am a grinch. Being in my home is much like being invited into my mind and the idea of keeping too open a home makes me curl up like a little pillbug. I guess what I would be interested to know is what level of community openness do you envision? At this moment, if you were setting up…. maybe this is a pointless comment… because obviously that is a ways off and it would depend…. maybe pointless but I’m gonna post anyway cause I just love ya and being contrary is apparently my m.o.

  2. lily Says:

    Actually, as soon as I posted this I felt mixed. Example: Simon left the house for an hour last night and Kele an I immediately had an underwear hallway party. Hard to let your hair down with strangers, even friendly strangers, around. I think there is a good blnd of these possible and I am certainly a “sanctuary” person too. Maybe oaec is a better example, they have a sharper distinction between public and private space than EE

  3. lily Says:

    But that is why I posted this, because info see a mix o this happening. I like the oaec example, has anyone else been there besides phil and I?

  4. daddy Says:

    I was going to bring oaec up when i read the original post as with their compund there is a clear distinction between public and private properties.

    also in my experience, being a publicly minded ic does not imply that it is available 24/7. lots of ICs are only open daylight weekend hours two seasons out of the year.

    our priority is of course with the rainbowacre family (god does that sound cultish). so interacting with the public should most likely be a voluntary experience.

    that being said, whether or not RA has that public element is an important aspect of the flavor of ra. so thanks to lily for bringing up the topic and to both the siblings laurence for expressing the two seemingly divergent views.

    to be honest, my daydreams have gone in both directions though i believe my personality tends more toward the private. my gut is telling me that working the farm, wrestling phil jr.s, keeping up with personal hobbies, and holding up a job is already alot to handle without the addition of mentoring the public. before meeting yall my personal vision has always closer to the “retreat” that i believe clara alludes to.

    yet the reason we are all attracted to the ra concept is because we all share the feeling that it is something special. if so, it seems a shame to not be able to share that with others. does love of your fellow man and the community at large require one to educate them in what you think is best or does it dictate that one should leave them to their own devices, to come to the same conclusion as you by taking the same journey? i don’t really know thee answer that.

    • lily Says:

      I love the way you posed that philosophical question. its an excellent question. Personally, my mental life would be much simpler sometimes if i felt truly ok about “leaving” everyone to their own path, but i know so deeply that people are profoundly affected by each other all along their path, we are not isolated decision-makers, and so culture *is* shifted and affected by the energy and words and example of others. I repeat, that i am not interested in proselytizing to those that dont want to hear whatever we’re saying, but to be actively seeking to give and receive knowledge and energy as a community is important to me.

      What this translates to in reality, i dont know yet, and feel ok aboutthat. Could be simply a website talking about what we are doing and our process of making it, to give an example to others. Could be we develop an internationally recognized healing center that brings holds alternative medicine conferences.

      Firstly though, and absolutely, in any community I live in, no one would ever be forced to be uncomfortable. We are a family, a core community FIRST, and seek to give each other what we need. That’s the whole point! So no one would tour your house and no one in the community would think twice about that decision. its your space, and your needs are important. period. love

      What i don’t know though is what exactly to teach or focus on. I mean, is it farming, or building or social stuff or yoga or medicinal herbs or art of some kind or healing of some kind or what. i dont know. but i really like the way OAEC developed from a core group of loving individuals (is: us!) to be a home and a center of giving and sharing of knowledge and good life practices.

      Also, in the abstract, and as a mental orientation, i believe we gain more by actively seeking to give and recieve, than on depending solely on money for everything. We may not be able to buy that barn that we want, but maybe in hosting people, we find someone who wants to build one, and just needs a site to hold a workshop to build one. ETc etc.

  5. daddy Says:

    teaching the ic way, or proselytizing others to the ic “movement” seems a bit heavy handed to me (at least as an abstract concept). this is not to say i disagree with it outright, it is just an acknowledgement of a personal and perhaps immature undercurrent that tends to react negatively when people preach at me. years of attending philosophy and legal classes probably have exacerbated this quirk.

    it should be noted that oaec offers an ic development class that seems like nothing but an outright good opportunity. also, ics that i have gone to seem more focused on trading your farm-upkeeping humanpower for knowledge on farmwork or green living. i have never really noticed anyone try and “convert” me to the ic cult.

    wait a got on a tangent and don’t feel like deleting the last two paragraphs. whoops!

    ANYWAYS. lets assume that the public persona for RA we are talking about constructing is not so much about showcasing our personal utopia. (lets also assume it is not about acquiring cheap farm labor either). perhaps it is more about expressing our individual interests and passions (of which RA is one) and connecting with the greater community in some way. if this is the case, our educational outreach program does not have to follow the same business model as is typically used by ICs.

    for example, those interested could join together to form a limited liability corporation and rent out a space in town. then we could hold after school programs for kids teaching karate or tae kwon do. There could be massage and acupuncture sessions. networking and green construction classes. emt certification and emergency skill courses. agriculture lessons knitting club meetups. art gallery. think big.

    whoa got fired up there for a second.

    this plan does obviously deviate from the “ra is our village” idea but reconciliates the “my home is my retreat” concept with “i want to teach people stuff”. ra as a conduit for spreading info on the ic/green lifestyle still applies… either directly through classes or

    • lily Says:

      yep yep, i am NOT attracted to the “showcase the utopia” in interpersonal relations angle. too high-horsey for me. People got to figure that out for themselves, but the LLC idea is compelling. tangible knowledge and spacemaking i like a lot.

  6. daddy Says:

    indirectly through interaction the community. will have to pay rent for place of business, deal with extra legal stuff for llc/business.

    summary: if anything i am supremely confident that if im living with you folks, ill be happy and the other stuff will figure itself out. i want to build a log cabin!

    p.s. that summary is heavily influenced by 1) my feelings and 2) the fact that i am typing this all on my phone, can’t go back and check what the original question was asking/stating, and that i forgot what the hell i was talking about. i think i went on alot of tangents. now i feel like an old man.

    p.p.s. the nerdy voice in my head wants to say that whenever i typed RA (for rainbow acre) my brain would think of Rah (egytian god of the sun?). cool imagery.

    rant done.
    much love.

    • lily Says:

      “summary: if anything i am supremely confident that if im living with you folks, ill be happy and the other stuff will figure itself out. i want to build a log cabin!”

      Yes. Phil, you are fabulous.

  7. Ilyse Says:


    Firstly, in regards to the private/public/underpants dance party quandary, I would like to bring up Dancing Rabbit. As an IC, nudity (and urination!) are pretty free and freely practiced. A few years ago, a couple that lived on Dancing Rabbit decided that they wanted to build a Bed and Breakfast, which would by definition mean that “outsiders” would be coming in and out. The site for the B and B is right in the center of the ecovillage, and shares the same front outside space with the main common building. There was much heated discussion about how the B and B crowd would influence the freedom of the Rabbits, especially since the couple running it requested that folks limit nudity around the B and B. I’m not sure what consensus they came to, but when I visited the B and B was still being built, so I would love to look in quite how things are running…

    Secondly, I could wax poetic for a good long while on RA or any IC’s mission of engaging others. In a lot of ways, I think it boils down to taking ourselves extremely seriously through the precise means of not taking ourselves seriously at all. Life. Is. Awesome. It’s a process, it’s an exploration, it’s a dance. Let’s relax, have fun with it, and inevitably attract awesome, amazing, learners and teachers with our loving light.

    Because yes, when you’re happy, the other stuff just DOES figure itself out!!!

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