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Blood-Lust Chickens and Renegade Sheep: A First Timer’s Guide to Country Living by Nick and Anita Evangelista (1999) November 23, 2010

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Moving to the country is a difficult endeavor. Even in the best of times it is difficult. Leave the city arrogance in the city and be aware that the country life is not for everyone, not even for those who desperately want it.

“So how do you survive a move back-to-the-land in any kind of situation? It is, we think, the people with a high tolerance for boredom, disaster, and simplicity who survive. Also, those who haven an ability to improvise and roll with the punches. Where does this ability come from? It doesn’t come from having stuff. We think it comes from having a mindset geared towards enduring and surviving. A realistic idea for what one might encounter in any situation is a must. Fantasy doesn’t make it in the country.”

CHAPTER ONE: To Move or Not to Move?


FREEDOM! Your life is your own. This brings both a sense of responsibility and balance. Consequences come quickly in the country if you don’t direct yourself with discipline and intelligence. Freedom brings self-discipline or self-destruction.

Personal Growth. You will gain abilities you never thought you would have. You will become… competent. You will become a problem solver, not a victim.

With all these new features in life comes a sense of reality, a view of the world as it is. Life slows down to a human pace so you can see it, feel it, and understand it.

You will gain good judgment.You will claim your life. Personal responsibility is a lot higher than in the city where so much is transferred to the machine.

Surviving Your Move Back to the Land

Moving back to the land takes a concerted effort, a plan, a change in the way you view the world. You need to know what to do, and what not to do. Cultivate a “moving-to” attitude as opposed to a “moving-away” attitude focusing on working towards the future instead of constantly being fixated upon the past.

Gauging Your Capacity

Be honest and upfront about your capabilities from the start. Lose the cockiness and the ego. Keep plans small and grow to your psychological limit. We had seventy head of sheep and even though we knew what we were supposed to do, it was too much to handle psychologically. So start small and learn your limits slowly.

Your Expectations

You will have expectations about the area where you’ll be moving to, about your responsibilities, about the people. Try your best not to assume too much. There will have to be many adaptations made to the environments around you, whether social, environmental, etc.

Word of mouth is powerful, so use it to your benefit and not your detriment. Country people and small-town people are slow to accept change. This can be seen as a stubbornness or stupidity. Or it can be seen as a stability and strength where people will be what they are and say what they think.