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The Land Agenda — Let’s talk Timelines again April 24, 2011

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I made this little art piece above my door last week, if you can see all the way to the left it reads “The Land Agenda”.  The Land Agenda is simply:

Buy land by the time I’m 30.

So, that’s four years people. Not very long! But also not tomorrow. I remember sometimes that I’ve been here in SF for just over 2.5 years and have created sooo much, 4 years is a long time. But it is also very short and there are many things to figure out before a group buys land together, which is also part of The Land Agenda. So it’s really:

Buy land with a group by the time I’m 30.

QUESTION for the delightful masses: What is your ideal timeline? Don’t worry about mine, just state honestly what feels good to you right now in your life for a timeline.




also a question! April 20, 2011

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so! what is the word on bringing in other contributors to this blog dealie? I have a beloved friend (currently a farmer, studying horticulture therapy, and is a working blacksmith/jeweller) . I think Lil and Kele both know Jimmi (now called Gowan). Anyway she is marvellous and serious about this idea and I would love to invite her to brainstorm and dream with us. If this is just a pickles and clara deal thats just fine, I just wanted to ask. See what the thoughts are on this one. So! please post your thoughts!



Global Village construction set. you heard me.

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It is happening:  there is a group designing and publishing DIY farm tools for buliding your own village. interchangeable motors and parts so each tool needn’t have its own. and. well. basically it all the big tools you need but things you could make yourself for less money AND they are built like legos so you need many fewer resources.

here’s a link to an article about the project in general. i reccommend clicking it and watching the video at the end of the article, its a good intro to the project.


and here is the wiki of the project itself!


Amazing stuff! Love you all!!