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The Land Agenda — Let’s talk Timelines again April 24, 2011

Filed under: Decision Making,Finance,Question: Needs Input,Vision — lily @ 10:36 pm

I made this little art piece above my door last week, if you can see all the way to the left it reads “The Land Agenda”.  The Land Agenda is simply:

Buy land by the time I’m 30.

So, that’s four years people. Not very long! But also not tomorrow. I remember sometimes that I’ve been here in SF for just over 2.5 years and have created sooo much, 4 years is a long time. But it is also very short and there are many things to figure out before a group buys land together, which is also part of The Land Agenda. So it’s really:

Buy land with a group by the time I’m 30.

QUESTION for the delightful masses: What is your ideal timeline? Don’t worry about mine, just state honestly what feels good to you right now in your life for a timeline.




3 Responses to “The Land Agenda — Let’s talk Timelines again”

  1. Ilyse Says:

    First off, that photo DEFINITELY does not do justice to the true yarn masterpiece.

    Ideal timelines. So for me, 30 is coming up in a bit over five years, which seems like a nicer fit or me than four years. Why? I don’t know. Five year plan? I just know that I have a lot of work to do in the city before I move off the grid. I also know that the work won’t be divided so cleanly into “city” and “country” but that the two will totally inform each other. I do see Rainbow Acre serving as an example to others of another way to live, and in that way welcoming in a lot of people who are living in cities. But I also think that it will take a good few years of work on the land before it can even get to a state to serve as any sort of hosting site. The commitment of the first few years might mean taking a total break from society to put our blood, sweat, and tears into building our paradise. Or it might mean a slower transition, where we may even be (gasp!) commuting and putting in the work on weekends and in bigger spurts while still living in “society.” After all, just because we “have” the land doesn’t mean we need to live on it fulltime right away (though it would be nice!). Anyway, I know that the work I want to do involves improving quality of life for the masses, and the masses are concentrated in the city. Do I want to live in the city for the rest of my life? Hell no! Do I want to live in the city for the next ten years? That sounds like a long time too! I want so much to retreat to the woods and even think that it will fit seamlessly into this get-everyone-in-the-world-to-hold-hands kind of mission, I just don’t know how exactly it will shake out just yet.

    I also think it might be wise to spend more time on fully functioning Intentional Communities before building our own. And by “time,” I think the smart answer is years. When you factor that kind of living research in, I feel like for me a more realistic goal could be about 5 to 10 years. And where this land may be for me is not solely concentrated in California, but includes Michigan in a big way. The world is huge, and I think a huge part of this thought process needs to take all of those possibilities into account. While I respect and APPRECIATE the urgency of the Land Agenda, I think that we should definitely not rush into buying property if it means sacrificing what could ultimately be a better fit for us. Remember that this is a lifetime investment, and something we will be putting our life’s work into. Not just our money, but the most valuable currency we have: our time here on this planet. That said, I think a timeline is an amazing tool and one that has already gotten me more serious about this thought process. It takes fantasy and makes it reality, and the Land Agenda ushers us in gracefully to this next phase of manifestation. That’s where its power lies for me, and I want to state outright that I ultimately prioritize the actual piece of land and our own preparedness to work with it over a timeline.

    But you know, the more I sit and write about it the more I want to be there right now…

  2. daddy Says:

    To lily: Great idea having a daily physical reminder of our goals. The yarn is a beautiful idea!
    To ilyse: Sorry if it seems like I’m ignoring your post (I am), but as I started reading it it begun to influence the beginning of my response.

    So to answer your question Lily…

    I want to own my own property around the 30 years of age +- a year. I like 30 for me because that is about 5 years of time, which is just enough time to
    1) plan the how to get land part
    2) get my debts in manageable order
    3) get enough of a financial pipeline to buy land
    4) get enough training to get onto a career I would enjoy

    Also, 30 is a nice round number!

    At my phase in life, college debt scares the crap out of me and due to my life decisions, I do not have a job that pays enough to have a family/property & is something I am proud of/happy doing. I figure this part should be properly figured out within 2-3 years. Then I’ll need another 2-3 to get established financially.

    Obviously, as this is a group project there are a lot more details to figure out. We’ll figure them out.

  3. serif Says:

    The earlier of these ideal timelines is about… now. So much changes. I haven’t seen most of you in far too long though I think about you plenty. I wonder if these dreams are still on anyone’s mind or if the bustle of life has carried us all to somewhere else. I love all of you and always will. ❤

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