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Notes from the Brainstorm on May 13th, 2011 May 23, 2011

In attendance: Clara, Phil, Lily, Ilyse

What follows are the rough notes from the whiteboard with some minor fleshing out. They are definitely NOT exhaustive, so comment away and add MORE FLESH!!

Found this by googling "happy farm." It was like the only picture that wasn't of Farmville.

Mission Statement Brainstorm:

-awesome people necessary

-chill house, chill people, chill space


-own mindspace

-place to have a career

-community of people

-Life as Art

-mundane as art, day to day life as art

-sharing resources

-especially occasional use stuff

-mutual reliance

-sharing work

-community interface

-still have privacy

-public/space vs. private space

-perhaps a system where there are times of the year that are private, or parts of the property that are designated as public/priate spaces

-beautiful place, safe, ease, people

-commitment, flexibility, empowerment

-hoard of children in the woods

-life I’m not ashamed of!


-how outward facing do we want it?

-naturally built


-trees and flowing water

-somewhere between rural and urban

-creating IC neighborhood

-“I look around and I don’t see anything I want to join, so I want to make it!”

-sister communities

-founding a nation


-how much food are we going to grow?

-integrating gardening practice into daily life

-clear communication in expectations and responsibilities

-globally-recognized institute

-of living, of exploring, of community

-open spaces and sprawling property with paths, sculptures/sculptural structures, and sites for gathering, meditation, exploration


Intracommunication and diligence May 16, 2011

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Should we need to do some video conferencing in the future, I think there are several options. I’ve read online that Skype is conferencing-capable but I have never done it before. Oovoo (http://www.oovoo.com/home.aspx) is web software that is free and specializes in conferencing. We can shift to that should Skype fail. Webex (http://www.webex.com/overview/index.html) has been recommended as a goto program for businesses, but they work on a free TRIAL basis.

If anyone wants to try and test this stuff out, just give me a ring.

Any juicy conversation tidbit I missed on Friday?