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Intracommunication and diligence May 16, 2011

Filed under: Random Stuff — indorfpf @ 10:29 am

Should we need to do some video conferencing in the future, I think there are several options. I’ve read online that Skype is conferencing-capable but I have never done it before. Oovoo (http://www.oovoo.com/home.aspx) is web software that is free and specializes in conferencing. We can shift to that should Skype fail. Webex (http://www.webex.com/overview/index.html) has been recommended as a goto program for businesses, but they work on a free TRIAL basis.

If anyone wants to try and test this stuff out, just give me a ring.

Any juicy conversation tidbit I missed on Friday?


One Response to “Intracommunication and diligence”

  1. Ilyse Says:

    Oh yeah. The conversation got really juicy right after you left, of course! I would like to flesh it out more before leaving it in comment form here, but it had to do with each of us creating the space for each others’ visions instead of some people working to make others feel included and supported to the detriment of expressing their own vision. This lead to Lily and I actually saying some things out loud for the first time that we hadn’t really shared before, realizing that we had been eerily cradling a similar dream of an Institute, even each using the same term “institute” to talk to ourselves about it. Expect more dreaming on that topic very soon.

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