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Where are we now? May 7, 2015

Filed under: Vision — serif @ 9:56 am

Hello beloveds (if any of you still get notifications from WP)!

I’m thinking of you. It’s several years since anyone has posted here and since I’ve really talked to any of you about what your vision for the future is. Time has certainly moved all of us. I’d love to know what your dreams/ visions for the future are now, be they community/ farmy or otherwise.

As for me, I’m still rowing the ol’ knew. Probably less grandly moved by time than the rest of you. A licensed acupuncturist now and in a transition that leaves me a bit adrift in it’s openness. The future is a vast tumble of possibilities and my ideas how mine could be steered are many and simple as ever. To reduce suffering, to live quietly, to find/ create a community of deep connection aanndd probably to have a couple goats. What I really want (an artful and compassionate life) can be so unspecific and moldable that I’m taking some time to search for some specificity – a place I love, some special opportunity or maybe I’ll just start from wherever/ whoever I am when I feel it’s time to choose and begin the next phase

I’d love to know what you are all dreaming of/ planning/ working toward if you have a moment and feel inclined.



One Response to “Where are we now?”

  1. indorfpf Says:

    Hey lady! I am so happy for you that you are a licensed acupuncturist now! Do not worry about being “adrift”, everything settles down at some point and things will become clear. Maybe owning your own business? 🙂

    As for me, I have been an EMT for years now and in addition to enjoying helping patients I have found myself in a position of some kind of seniority. In such a role, I have found much enjoyment in teaching newer people. I have also since become a firefighter (not a very good one) as well and have been expanding into special operations such as advanced vehicle extrication and rope rescue. On a less official-sounding note, I have started taking some morning yoga classes. You can find me by listening for the painful grunting I regularly emit.

    In all honesty I still dream of living a simple (but not easy!) life with animals. I struggle with making the time to devote to it. I’m slowly becoming aware that to really live that lifestyle I would have to make some significant structural changes to my life. Inertia is quite a powerful force. Also, I’m a little scared to do it on my own.

    I am really happy to hear that you are doing well! And thanks for dropping a line on here. Let me know if you are up for any impromptu hiking adventures, i’ll meet you at the airport!!!


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