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Flower Clock July 15, 2010

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In 1751 Carl Linneaus designed a clock that was made entirely of living flowers that open and close at predictable times. The clock garden was accurate to within 30mins.


O.A.E.C Work Day April 22, 2010

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Lily and I went to the O.A.E.C Work Day yesterday: our job was mainly the building of a compost pile. Of most import to them was the differing layers of nitrogen and carbon. *Research what can go in each level and differing compost methods.

Lily also pointed out solar thermal panels on the roofs of some of the houses there. Solar thermal panels could be an alternative or a supplement to solar cells. Solar thermal panels work similarly to solar camping showers- the panels hold water in them, get heated by the sun, and can be used in placement of your typical water heater. *It is unknown whether STP require a pump to get the water up there, which might offset the energy it saves. *Knowing how much energy is saved by pumping water to the roof and heating it as opposed to storing solar enery in cells and using the electricity to power a water heater is very important to find out whether it is worth having one more thing to worry about. There is something to be said about just having solar cells; having only one solar harvester on the roof simplifies the system and lessens the likelihood of having something break.