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Community Vision February 28, 2010

In alphabetical order, the blog contributors….


I believe in the importance of true community to the well lived life. Because our culture has, for the most part, ceased to naturally create viable secular communities I know that if I am going to live in one I likely need to take a role in it’s creation. I want to include multiple other people in my daily life in a meaningful cooperative way. I want to have people to bake with, to garden with, to create art with, to play music with, to learn from, etc, etc. Culturally we are invited to take a single life partner to support us for life, in everything, but people are social animals and need a network of meaningful, significant relationships, not just one. I want to know kids who grew up with a network of close connections with adult friends (including myself), simultaneously allowing them more freedom and a better safety net. The kind of life that I desire involves a good heap of people I can love, look after, turn to, share with, learn from, etc.  I want to build a community. This is my primary goal which trumps any other desire.

However, ideally, I would like this community to be away from the city with enough land to grow some food and herbs on, have enough space to not feel boxed in and a sense that large projects of wire and fabric and glass such as I have been literally dreaming about lately are actually possible. I would like to be near enough to a town to do work as a healing kid. I want a place to be solo but also multiple community spaces for arts, music, communal cooking, general hanging out, etc. A library is a notable part of my dream. ohh and I would love to have an orchard with plum trees! and bees to pollinate them. and a workshop for wood, metal and maybe glass work. I want to be around people who are interested in books and philosophy, folks who are interested in creating functional art.  I want to see the work of my own hands in my home, I want to make anything that is feasible and useful to make by hand. I want to build the brick oven, throw the bowls, shape the walls, make the blankets, grow the food. I want to have a relationship with more parts of my life, I want to be and live with creators, not end users. I truly believe that each person is capable of creating at least one true masterpeice during thier life time and I’d really like mine to simply be the way I live.


Life. Is. Art. I want to start living it as such. We as humans and spiritual beings have the power to do WHATEVER WE WANT. I want to use that power to craft a holistic, loving, radical, creative, artistic, spiritual, ridiculous, awesome experience, a work of art that arches from birth to death and then some. I want to create my life, not just let it passively drift by. I find a lot of room for this sort of creativity in an urban (read: preexisting) landscape, but find that ultimately this is still building on top of someone else’s (often misguided) vision and built environment, and to realize my true vision of authentic, radical living, I need to start from scratch.

People and family (people as family) are key. I want to surround myself with glorious, luminous, loving creatures, many of whom I have already met (and live with) and many or whom I have yet to meet or (gasp!) even create. (Side Note: I ONLY want to create people if they are able to play and run around naked in the woods/nature and grow up in said loving environment. I suppose this is also part of my Community Vision.) (Well, gee, I guess I want to be able to play and run around naked in the woods/nature and continue to keep grow grow growing in said loving environment.)

I want to keep crafting this Community Vision for the rest of my life.



My vision of community:

I want to live in a community where hugs are ubiquitous.  Where life and love and art converge and are so intertwined with one another that you cannot see the dividing lines between them because, in fact, there are none.

I want to play with the children, both mine and those of my community family.  I want to take them to the woods, show them what miner’s lettuce is and how it can be used in a salad.  Teach them how to listen for and spot out the Redtail hawks as they perform their mating dance in the sky on a warm spring afternoon.  I want to open their eyes to the magic that is God’s paintings on the inside of a flower.  The details of nectar guides, made from stripes and spots of the most incredible design.  Patterns you cannot see unless you are inside the flower.

I want my home-community to be located in a place with trees.  A garden full of vegetables and a an orchard of fruits.  I want to wake to trimming and gathering tomatoes in the summer, picking apples in the fall, tending kale and cabbage in the winter, and picking daffodils for the table in spring.

I want to live a life in which I do not worry so much about tomorrow because I know that ,today, I have everything I need.  I want a life in which I am both a caregiver and cared for by the plants, animals, and people I choose to spend my life with.

I want to live in my own Eden.  With goats, sheep, bees, chickens, a jersey cow, ducks, quail, a dog, and several cats.  I want pears, persimmons, apples, and raspberries as well as tomatoes, eggplant, and kale.

I want a home to call my own, with people that make my heart sing, in a place where I am peaceful and happy and accepted just as I am, and where hugs are the first order of the day.

Lily ——————————————————–

I am dreaming of a future community home! I’m thinking a good big chunk of growing land for a permanent place, and also that it would be awesome to keep a shared place in the city too, depending on how all of our careers form.  I just can’t imagine living alone in my own little box in 10 years;  I want to live and love and share daily life, joys and struggles with great people. We should all lead our own lives, but together as well.   What follows are the specific points that are really important to me and illuminate my vision of a more permanent community home.  Some of these things are already happening (love to the Pickle Jar!), and some of these are in the dream stage:

  • Live with amazing people in a familial feeling social atmosphere
  • Live in a way that has a net positive impact on the ecosystem around me
  • Grow onsite a significant portion of the greens/veggies everyone eats
  • Cultivate a culture in which art is a daily, practical part of life
  • Be able to wear a tank top outside at least a few months out of the year
  • Be able to modify and/or build my living structures
  • Allow for potentially creating business ventures onsite
  • Love laugh and dance… often and with GUSTO  =)
  • Also, a giant trampoline. And hammocks.



I want a structure in which to live, enough land to experiment with gardening food, grapes, hops, tea stuff, maybe tobacco, enough land that I don’t feel squeezed in, so I don’t want to be in the city, want access to nature easily, maybe access to water, trees, orchard or fruit giving trees would be nice, hammock, enough sunshine in the year so that I can really enjoy it, animals, possibly but not necessarily including, dogs ducks chickens goats bees (you can make candles from them!). Not flat like the midwest. Picnic table grill porch. Cellar for wine, dried foods. Work in progress.


Super cool people with some shared interests in which activities/hobbies can be shared or explored. Go and or chess games of intense mental concentration. Communal kitchen for eating cooking, communal activity place for events, library, maybe a meditation/spiritual synagogue room, maybe a gym for working out/kicking ass, sauna/sweat lodge. brick oven? workshop. music. Cool folks most of whom I would not mind giving a hug to. WE ARE A TRIBE OF HUMAN MONKEYS. It would be super neat if everyone’s occupation bettered the whole, whether it be: doctor/nurse, massage therapist, artist, quilt-maker, baker, veterinarian, mechanic, construction worker, etc. Work in progess.


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