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What is This Blog For? March 2, 2010

Ok peoples, put here your intentions for using this blog!

Lily –

I will use this blog to articulate my ideas and vision for the ideal community living situation that I intend to create someday not too far down the road.  This blog should help me put down ideas to remember, random thoughts to get out there, flesh out discussions of different options, and document resources. I hope that everyone who uses this is seriously exploring the idea of living with the others using this blog, but most important is to put down lots of our thoughts, ideas and desires very authentically, and let any real life situations and opportunities flow from there.

Addendum: Adjustment: My new perspective is that if anyone who is a core part of this page wants to bring someone who they know and love (and who is also seriously looking for a community living situation) into being a blogger here, that’s good and good use of this blog.  The rest of us will meet them over time, and like I said above, this is for lots of authentic thoughts, and any real life situations and opportunities would flow from time, opportunity, and future situations/relationships. Writing here should be very much in earnest, but is not be a contract or a commitment.

Ilyse – This blog is like a brainstorming map in cyberspace. It is a way for us to keep the conversation open all of the time, instead of relegating it to formal meetings and when we all happen to be in the same space at once.  It is a way to keep track of our lovely little thoughts so they don’t evaporate before we can write them down or get lost in a pile somewhere and forgotten. I see the content ranging from stream of concsiousness dreaming to legitimate discussion and problem solving.  This blog is also one concrete step  we can take right away. When we are talking about a project that we won’t be able to get off the ground for at least another few years, it can be easy to succumb to inertia simply because we aren’t in a place yet to take any “real” steps. But  this step is really the most important one.  This is committing to our dreams so that we can realize them.



This blog is a memory bank of personal ideas. This blog is a catalyst for the growth of ideas through sharing. This blog is the first manifestation of a specific, personal dream. This blog is an expression of one’s ideals. This blog is a site of compromise for the sake of community. This blog is the first date with said community.


Clara: I want to use this blog primarily to stay connected, to each other and to the ideals that we share. To help me remember that I am not alone in this desire to create a community. Furthermore it is a great place to throw around ideas, serious or silly, which might eventually create a foundation for us to build from. I think that defining reasons for community, goals and ideals that we share can and should begin now. To have a pool of ideas to draw from, to clarify for ourselves and each other what we really want, to feel the potential and solidity of this idea even if it’s realization is still a fair ways off. These are all things that this blog should be and already is. Don’t let the ideas slip away, even if they are tiny, or if they are huge and probably impractical or just silly. we are here to find and create inspiration both for our lives now and also for the building stage to come.


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